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Piirainen Antti antti.piirainen at camline.fi
Thu Jan 31 17:11:42 EST 2002

If Nokian products in different markets don't differ that much, then the
choice is actually yours, and yours only, since Hakkapeliitta 1s are
studded, and Qs are not (friction tyres, as they call 'em). Studded tyres
have a good bite on ice, whereas friction tyres can be very grippy on snowy,
wet and dry roads. Even grippier than many studded tyres, actually, my old
Bridgestone Blizzak MZ-02s (not in my Audi) are one of the grippiest winter
tyres I've ever driven - on snow, that is.

Driving on plain asphalt destroys studs, whereas the other choice doesn't
mind radical changes in weather. Both will still be destroyed quicker on dry
surfaces. Also, the Qs are apparently only available in the Q speed rating
(duh!), whereas Hak1:s are also sold in T.

I've driven cars with both H1 and Q, and they seemed good within the limits
of their characteristics. Only the Jaguar S-Type with Qs was a bit tricky to
handle on ice, regarldess of its TCS. ;)

It would also be strange for Nokian Tyres (Nokian Renkaat, the origins are
here in Finland, after all) to stop making them in 15", since that's about
the most common rim size for quite a lot of new cars in the European


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> I have a no-commitment hold on a set of 195/65/15 Q's, I don't think
> he'd mind if I switched to the 1.  Gotta make a quick decision on
> this one, if I'm going up to Nashua, it has to be very, very
> soon(next hour or two.)
> Nokian's pages about the 1 and Q are not particularly helpful
> in this decision.
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