[200q20v] 90k service

Mark Trank MTrank at albemarle.org
Thu Jan 31 12:04:31 EST 2002

Can any listers advise as to what maintenance services they have done at the
90k mileage interval?  I'm at that point (actually, 2k over it) and,
according to the AOA-recommended schedule, the following should be done:

replace: engine oil/filter, air cleaner/filter, spark plugs, brake fluids.
check:  V-belt tension and condition, adjust as needed; transmission,
brakes, drive shaft boots, front axle dust seals on ball joints, tie rods
ends and tie rods; battery electrolyte level; coolant and washer levels;
on-board diagnosis system fault memory and purge if necessary.

Timing belt was done at 60k; no need to do it at 90k, right?

Spark plugs--replace at 30 or 60k intervals?

Other than the above, this list looks pretty reasonable.  Any thoughts or
suggestions?  Many thanks,

91 200q20v 92k miles

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