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Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Thu Jan 31 13:01:17 EST 2002

Too late now, but the 1 is a better deep snow tire, the Q is a better
ice tire.  The 1 is stiffer, the Q softer.  I was once told that if you
are going to stud them, get the 1s, otherwise get the Qs.

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> Just called Sullivan tire, a local  chain, and they -finally- got
> back to me about a set of Hakka Q's for the stock rims.
> "Sorry, my warehouse says they don't make those in 15 inch anymore."
> "EXCUSE me?  I don't think so.  No longer made, or he doesn't have stock?"
> "No longer available."
> (ie, not an answer to the question.)
> "aalllright.  What about Hakka Ones?"
> "Nope, sorry, same thing."
> WTF?  Nokian didn't just drop the two major snow tire lines for one
> of THE most popular wheel diameters.
> So I call the Nashua store; they have 195/65/15 Hakka 1's, nothing
> else, but he can find out if anybody has the Q(which is what I wanted
> originally) in the stock size(215/60/15) or if he can get any of the
> 3 sizes I gave him.
> "Huh, your Framingham store told me they don't make either 1s or qs
> in the 15in anymore."
> "Phhbt, they're full of it."
> So, he calls me back after I asked if he could get the Q's; I really
> don't want the 1, I want a studless.
> "Hey, it turns out they don't make that EXACT size anymore.  They
> make plenty of 15inchers."
> "He made it clear, no 15 inchers."
> "Yeah, he's totally wrong."
> "Thought so."
> He's got 'em in 195/65/15.  Pefect.
> So, the last question in the back of my mind is, should I really be
> going for the 1's instead of the Q? He's got the 1 in the same size,
> but the total for all 4 m&b is well over $400 versus $380 m&b for the
> q's.  Everyone I've talked to has the 1, not the Q.
> I have a no-commitment hold on a set of 195/65/15 Q's, I don't think
> he'd mind if I switched to the 1.  Gotta make a quick decision on
> this one, if I'm going up to Nashua, it has to be very, very
> soon(next hour or two.)
> Nokian's pages about the 1 and Q are not particularly helpful in this decision.
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