[200q20v] Oxygenated fuel

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Nope, never checked that bad boy.  I saw something in the Mockry
troubleshooting list about pinching off the hose on that, but didn't try
that.  Couldn't find my vice grips.  Before I do that, I'd like to have a
better idea of how the valve works exactly, and what it does.  Research is
definetely needed before I do that.  I know it bumps off pressure, has some
spring retention for lower boost/rpm thresholds, and receives a signal from
the ECU that operates a solenoid, but I'm not 100% on all of the
inter-relationships, or what exactly I'm troubleshooting if it's bad; ie,
what part is bad?

If it turns out to be the problem, how much?  Is the problem usually with
the valve, the solenoid, the body, the diaphragm, etc?

Derek Pulvino

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>Subject: Re: [200q20v] Oxygenated fuel
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>At 7:39 PM -0800 1/28/02, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>>Mileage has been low as of late, and at first forgot about the subject
>>  So gladly before I was up to my ears in troubleshooting, the cause of my
>>low mileage was revealed.
>>Has anybody seen oxygenated fuel to also result in lowered boost levels?
>>I'm only seeing 1.3 to 1.4.  Yuck!
>>Culprits I'm thinking right now (translate: things I know aren't 100%) are
>>tbv, multi-temp sensor, and a recurant (and intermitant) intake air-temp
>>sensor fault.  No vacuum leaks encountered, air filter is good/clean
>>(enough), and for the most part intake/pressure hoses only have two holes;
>>those included in the manufacturing process.  While I haven't checked the
>>throttle potentiometer, I have reason to believe it's ok.
>>Any suggestions, or feedback on any of these points?
>You haven't mentioned the  wastegate frequency valve. That should
>surely  be added to your list of "usual suspects".  Of course proper
>operation of that intake air-temp  sensor is crucial for max boost
>and it ought to be fixed before proceeding to other replacements. If
>you _know_ that the TBV "isn't 100%" I assume that is because the
>valve (or its hose) leaks, so that probably is contributing to the
>low boost.
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