[200q20v] Where we are...(distributor gear) Part I

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 19:59:22 EST 2002

Hey all,

Here's our latest developements.  Last Friday, Mr. Bernie Benz dropped a 3b
distributor off at the shop to serve as a model for the prototype gear run.
According to Mr. Benz, "he (the shop owner) felt that it would be a straight
forward job that was well within their capabilities."  (In your best Dan
Rather voice) Our sources have indicated bronze to be the most likely source

Next in the chain is to get a final price.  At this point, the original
price range of 35-38/gear seems accurate, but to firm and pinpoint this we
need a final number of interested people ready to put their money down.
Once we get this, we'll talk to the shop, get the price in writing (so to
speak), and pass the information on.  However, before you start cutting your
checks, other things will be rolled into the final cost such as shipping
materials, shipping charges.  Additionally, we are also looking to source
out a new roll pin so for all intents and purposes this would be an out of
the box, just add elbow grease, application.  Although deliberations
continue, we may also look at including instructions/prototype insight with
the final package.

To keep the ball rolling, I'm hoping that everybody could respond to to this
message within a week in reference to the following two items:

1.  Information confirming your level of interest.  Two categories, here;
one "very interested, ready to buy," and the other as "um ya, what was that,
ya sure that's great."  In other words, ready to buy, and not sure.
2.  Your mailing address/contact information.

I'll put this contact and interest level info into the "spreadsheet" with
everything else, and once we get in the neighborhood of fifty pieces
confirmed, we will let the shop know.  At that point, we'll move into
fabrication stages.

I also want make sure it is common knowledge that as everything else is on
the honor system with this, I am considering your "word as bond."  If you
say you are ready to buy, I expect to be able to hold you to that.

As to shipping, we are investigating the best carrier for our purposes, ie
UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.  It looks like one way or the other, we'll be
printing out mailing labels (ah the beauty of spreadsheets, royalties
incoming from programmers world wide!), getting some envelopes, filling them
with the "stuff," and sending them out.  Depending on course of action, I've
got a couple of ideas on figuring cost.  I'll let people know as we cement
the details.

Otherwise, things are proceeding well, and a solution to this peculiar
brittle gear phenomenom is nigh on the horizon.

How about next those incendiary Bose/Audi devices some of us are saddled
with on the rear decks?

Derek Pulvino

P.S.  I know it should stay in the subject line, but in your responses,
please make sure that upon responding, "distributor gear" remains therein.
I have a filter set up in my mail box and all that.

Oh ya, and the part one and part two in the subject line refers to the fact
that I can only send email's to 50 recipients, so had to copy and send two
seperate messages.

Thanks all.

"If music be the food of love, play on"
-William Shakespeare
Twelfth Night, Act 1 Scene 1

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