Bucking problems

Endrődi Gábor Gabo at maffia.hu
Mon Jul 1 00:09:17 EDT 2002

SO after the last week problem I wrote, the idle speed thing is
solved. I have pulled out the codes and the computer blinked it. 2341
leaks or ignition or fuel problems, 2111 rpm sender, 2113 Hall sender,
2324 MAF sensor.

The symptom is: under full acceleration the car starts run good but at
1.3-1.4 Bar boost the acceleration becomes poor. The boost reaches
1.8, but the acceleration is same poor. If I let the acc pedal come
back a little the acceleration is better, but not good as done it

Any suggestion? Should I have to replace the distributor as somebody
did it februar, or what else?

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