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> I got this e-mail digest which had this info below:
> Would this work for diagnostic(s)?
> Independent from stored fault codes?
> A bad idea?
> -Scott in Boston
> **Quick & Easy Way to Reset Your Car's ECM/ECU - Thanks to Kevin H. (from
> his own experience)**
> just got your new high performance exhaust system, intake or
> whatever.  Now you want immediate results, right?  Okay, it's now time to
> reset your ECM/ECU for optimum performance. The good news - this will only
> take about two or three minutes!
> Step 1: Turn your key to the accessory (ACC) position.
> Step 2: Disconnect your battery's positive, yes I said positive, terminal
> cable.
> Step 3: Wait 30 seconds. Now tap the terminal cable to the positive battery
> post three times.
> Step 4: Reconnect terminal cable.
> That's it!  You've now reset your computer.  Now, wasn't that simple? You
> might also want to refer to the tech tip, ECU Resets When Adding
> Performance Parts, in the April edition of Import Auto News at
> #ECUResets
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Not only will you reset your ecu i think but also kill your abs system, atleast fuses. Many more componenets might be damaged to on our cars.


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