ac clutch relay

DAK dak at
Mon Jul 1 23:54:59 EDT 2002

 From what I remember about my electronics tinkering days... You can put
a small value capacitor across the contacts on the relay to quite that
spark. I think on the order or 10 micro Farad, ceramic capacitor. Easily
found at Radio Shack or your favorite electronics surplus store.
These capacitors are non-polar, so just connect one lead to one of the
switch terminals, the other lead to the other switch terminal on the
relay. You could get fancy and open the relay and solder it in place.


Vincenzo Basile wrote:

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>Hi list
>Just wondering has anyone had the problem of sqeaching in the radio when the heats on,and linked it to the ac clutch relay?what exactly has to be changed in that relay?I remember  I could buy sometype of resister from radio shack instead of getting a whole new relay, if anybody knows exactly what it is I need I would appreciate the help .thanks
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