Rally or Auto-x in Nor Cal?

Zoot531 at aol.com Zoot531 at aol.com
Tue Jul 2 01:51:42 EDT 2002


     I've long been hearing mention of autocross and perhaps even amature
rallying with Audi's.  (the latter of which i will shy away from in my
car...but the guy down the street has an 87 4k for cheap...hmm).  Here's my
situation, I live in Northern California, about an hour east of the bay area
in the city of Stockton (apparently world famous for it's lax vigilence
towards street racers...i won't even get started on that).  I've been looking
for some events such as these to spectate before actually participating, but
my seaches on the internet have turned up close to nothing, especially in
regards to amature rallying, which i have heard is fairly popular in the NE
part of the country.  So i guess I'm just curious where i can go to take in
some of these "good times".

Best Regards,
Adam Chinchiolo

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