Rally or Auto-x in Nor Cal?

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Tue Jul 2 10:18:03 EDT 2002

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> Listers,
>     I've long been hearing mention of autocross and perhaps even amature
> rallying with Audi's.  (the latter of which i will shy away from in my
> car...but the guy down the street has an 87 4k for cheap...hmm).  Here's my
> situation, I live in Northern California, about an hour east of the bay area
> in the city of Stockton (apparently world famous for it's lax vigilence
> towards street racers...i won't even get started on that).  I've been looking
> for some events such as these to spectate before actually participating, but
> my seaches on the internet have turned up close to nothing, especially in
> regards to amature rallying, which i have heard is fairly popular in the NE
> part of the country.  So i guess I'm just curious where i
> can go to take in
> some of these "good times".
> Best Regards,
> Adam Chinchiolo
> '91
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Start in these places.

Your looking more into Rally Cross.


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