NAPA Parts - Revisited..

Chrisellenhem at Chrisellenhem at
Tue Jul 2 22:41:02 EDT 2002

As a follow-up to my query of several weeks ago soliciting input/advice on
use of generic NAPA parts, I did purchase the NAPA rear differential
pinion/input shaft seal.  Upon inspection it appeared rather cheesy to me and
given the level of work required to do the first 'R' of the R&R, I opted to
also purchase the dealer supplied part (@ ~$38.00 - local dealer screwed me
I'm sure.. vs. $4.00 @ NAPA..).  There was simply no comparison between the
quality of two seals; the OEM unit had two lips (always better, eh?...) vs.
the NAPA's one. And beyond that, the OEM seal just looked/felt more robust.
Rear diff has been leak-free since re-assy - as expected; and now I have to
go get my $4 back...   Just thought I'd pass it along.

Chris Hemberger
Hebron, CT

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