200 20v traveling through Kansas

Don Lillig quattro at lilligdesign.com
Wed Jul 3 09:49:41 EDT 2002

Journeying back from a divisional solo in Salina Kansas in by
72 911 I had a nice surprise outside of Lawrence on I-70. It
was definitely a 200, yep those are V8 taillights. Upon closer
inspection, it was apparent it was a 200 20V. Kind of a
gray-silver with larger aftermarket wheels. The plates were
from Oregon. In front of it was a blue ur-quattro from
Washington State. Obviously, they were traveling together. We
acknowledged each other and traveled together until I headed
south once we reached KC.
It is always a nice surprise to happen upon Audi enthusiasts on
the interstate. Extra special to see a 200 20V with V8 tail
lights like mine!

Don Lillig
Kansas City
91 200tq20v
89 200t
72 911T

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