Tank Vapor Pressure

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Wed Jul 3 15:28:17 EDT 2002


I recall that Phil Payne had a similar issue with his 1990 200 Avant - I recommend searching www.audifans.com...


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>Hi Guys:
>I'm going to try this one again because I don't think I described the
>problem well enough last time and it's a pretty scary problem.
>The problem I'm having is with excessive pressure in the gas tank.  On a
>hot day, after I have been driving for a couple of hours, if I loosen
>the gas cap, fumes rush out and continue to do so for several minutes.
>It's almost as if the gasoline has been heated to an excessive temp and
>the vapor pressure at this temperature is significant.  If I were to
>remove the cap immediately, there would be a fume jet shooting out of
>the tank in quite an explosive fashion.  One static spark and were
>talking serious BBQ

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