2cnd boilover

Vincenzo Basile Bleaf1 at peoplepc.com
Wed Jul 3 18:55:58 EDT 2002

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hello list
My fans are not kicking on by themselves,so until I found the problem I was=
 just turning on my heat when I was idle,so I was testing to see if they wo=
uld come on and the temp gauge was before the 2 little dots and boom boil o=
ver no fan came on I immediately shut off the car and the after run fan cam=
e on right away.What makes that fan go on?should I change the blue  3  pron=
g  resisister,the thermostat,or the sensor in the radiater ,I have no idea =
how to figure out wich one to change?I've asked this question before and go=
t no response,while my knowledge of engines is limited I was hoping someone=
 might be able to help me out.( ps) Did I do any damage to my engine, cause=
 both times this happend I cought it right away?

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