Cruise control washer? part number

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Thu Jul 4 20:43:57 EDT 2002

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Try the archives for this exact discussion last month.  I believe it was under
the subject heading "I have two things."

I had the same thing happened and fashioned a nylon grommet from Home
Depot--don't really have a part number for that.  But, someone did respond
with the Cruise Control Grommet PN for the connecting rod.


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>Subject: Cruise control washer? part number
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>Cruise just quit working and when trying to activate the throttle would
mysteriously stick. Upon inspection the washer thingy? that fits into the
bracket had broken, thereby inabling teh cruise. Wjile trying to set it would
go throught eh bracket and hang on simething not letting the throttle spring
return to idle. Anyone know where to get the part number? My Bentley has not
arrived yet.
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