yep, my car is fixed

Dan Simoes dans at
Sat Jul 6 02:24:51 EDT 2002

An excerpt of an email I sent to someone regarding the chipped ECU I
just installed.  Note that only last week I was outaccelerated from a
standing start by a freaking Toyota Avalon.  This is addictive.  I fear
for my license...

>It's past 1am and I just got home, but couldn't resist putting in the
ecu and
going for a ride.  First impressions, much faster.  Got on it on the
road, caught up to a camaro (older mid 70s).  Light turns red, I'm
look over, kids are laughing at me.  Light goes green, their tires are
spinning and smoking, I'm just behind in first gear, second I pass them,

third they are well behind.  Hahaha.

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