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Sun Jul 7 09:30:08 EDT 2002

I'd be interested in a group buy of XXX feet of the tubing.  It's probably
considerably cheaper than $3 a foot on a spool of (just a guess) 100
feet.  I doubt you'll get it much cheaper than the by-the-foot price if you
just go for a partial spool.  No idea how much you need, though, to do a
car completely.

At 12:29 AM 07/07/2002 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>I've got a bunch of vacuum leaks...among them, the ECU moisture trap.
>Nosing around with a poor-man's stethoscope, not only does the trap
>leak(I haven't figured out how on earth the trap is leaking, but it
>is), but so does the hose between the trap and hard plastic line
>hose.  It is very amusing; turn the car off, and with the kickpanel
>removed, you can actually hear the vacuum release through that
>section of line.  If the hose in the kickpanel is in this tough
>shape, god knows what kind of shape the rest of the vacuum lines are
>I found what -appeared- to be new/good condition vacuum line hanging
>around on the shelf...substituted it in place of the old vacuum line.
> leaks in various places almost the continuous length -as
>well-; running my kludged steth up and down the hose, I kept hearing
>very small leaks.  Only the trap->ecu hose is completely silent.
>Viton hose is most certainly the ultimate replacement; its tough,
>oil/heat resistant, and damn near guaranteed to outlast anything else
>out there.
>The catch is, Viton hose isn't cheap.  The size used on the
>ECU<->trap<->plastic line seems to be 4mm ID/8mm OD/2mm wall(I
>believe there is a second size as well, used for one or two other
>things.)  Closest I could find in McMaster was 4/6/1, and it is
>anywhere from $2.60-$3 per foot.
>That sounds like a lot...and it is...except that, for the ECU, one
>needs all of at most 2 feet.  It is doing all the rest of the lines
>which will be the expensive proposition.  There is something to be
>said, however, for never having to worry about a vacuum line in the
>car again.
>I think I can do better than McMaster; I'm checking with a friend who
>has wholesale connections(if you know of cheaper prices than the
>above McMaster prices, let me know.  And no...silicone is NOT an
>option, its temp rating isn't any better than regular rubber line and
>it is NOT oil resistant AT ALL, in fact, it is completely
>inappropriate for environments with oil, which is why I scratch my
>head bigtime when I see all this silicone-boost-hose nonsense.)
>We're looking at 4/8/2mm, 60A durometer Viton(or similar.)
>Who else would be interested in jumping in on a group purchase of
>this stuff for a quantity sufficient to re-do all the engine vacuum
>lines?  Among other things, this Viton line should be durable enough
>to handle the temps that kill the turbo bypass control line(Viton is
>rated to 400 degrees F), although nothing beats a thin copper line
>for that application.)
>Actually, does anyone happen to know how much line it takes to
>completely "do" a 3B, from experience?
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