Wiring Bundle Repair

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Mon Jul 8 12:11:06 EDT 2002

Hi Alan,

A fellow 200 owner and I have replaced this wiring harness. It is not an
easy job but the cost is approx. $100 and will take about 8 hours labor.
I have a spreadsheet that describes all of the wires that run through
the door and I can put together a parts list if anyone is interested.
The procedure involves cutting the harness at each end and installing a
new harness that has quick-disconnect plugs.

It may be possible to remove the door panel and the wire ties behind it
to get some additional slack to repair the old wiring.

Let me know if you would like the plans for the new harness.


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Several of the wires in the wiring bundle between the driver's door and
the body are broken, right where they flex as the door opens and closes.
Fixing them will be difficult, as they are bundled together rather
tightly.  Any suggestions on how to get some slack into the wires for
repair?  Also, any opinions on how best the make the repairs ---
soldering (how do I do that without melting insulation on other wires)
versus crimped-on connectors or some other method?

Alan Sullivan
Northern Va
91 200TQ
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