yep, my car is fixed

Mon Jul 8 17:54:02 EDT 2002

Brett writes
>"What is this, a rite of passage with every wagon you own, gotta blow
>the doors off some unsuspecting camaro driver? :-)"
>Actually the rite of passage is only complete if the other driver and
>passenger notices the baby seats in the back....


Even better when there are TWO child seats in the rear - and the back is
stuffed with kiddie paraphernalia
- and the two year old in one of the seats is sticking his tongue out.



You guy's are dead on...the joy of seeing a disappointed Detroit Motorhead
with his friends in the 80's Mustang 5.0 looking at my Kid, Bikes, the Golden
Retriever, the sleeping wife, after I just pulled away from them up a hill on
I-75 is well worth the annual insurance premium for the (S)tation-wagon

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