Wiring Bundle Repair

Rich Andrews r at 66-169-158-13.ftwrth.tx.charter.com
Wed Jul 10 01:39:21 EDT 2002

auditude at get.net wrote:

> Hi Jeremy,
> Does this repair just replace the broken wires with unbroken ones in the same configuration?  Is there
> anything to prevent a recurrence of the problem, with the wires breaking in the same spot?
> It seems to me that it's a stupid design (speaking of 5k's here, not sure if the 200's are the same), having
> all the wires flex in half, right at the hinge.

The real problem isn't the design, but the specification for the wires.
  What happens is that as the wire ages and is flexed, the insulation
gets stiffer and stiffer.  Then the insulation cracks.  This then
results in ALL of the flexing of the wire to occur at that point, which
is now nearly a 0 deg radius bend.  The wire then quickly breaks due to
metal fatigue.  I have seen this failue occur in all manner of Audi's
that use that same spec. wire.  This is why Audi gets a low mark when it
comes to electrical problems as the car ages.

rich a. sr.

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