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Bilstein views sport suspension as any suspension that is 1 to 2 inches
lower than stock.  Usually that requires an aftermarket set of springs
(Eibach, H&R, Abt, etc).  Audi factory sport suspension is usually about ½"
lower at most.  Bilsteins Sport shocks are not stiffer than their HD
counterparts, they have a different minimum and maximum length and are
valved for most compliant ride at the stationary ride height.  So the part
numbers in Bilstein are:

Stock Ride Height (HD shocks)

P36-0370    Front

BE5-2593    Rear

Lowered Ride Height (Sport shocks)

P36-0369    Front

B46-2065    Rear

Konis are preferred by some on the track due to adjustability but I prefer
Bilsteins on the street due to superior ride and comfort while not
compromising performance (I've got my flame suit on).  I've used Bilsteins
on all my long term cars for the last 20 years and would recommend them to
anyone looking for replacement shocks in any street vehicle.  I even
installed them on my VW Vanagon Camper with outstanding results.  You notice
the shocks when you sit directly above the front wheels.

Dave Freed  '93 S4, '91 200 TQA

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Did our cars come with a sport suspension from the factory. Cause when you
look up the part number or call them up, they ask, do you have the sport
suspension or not. They have for the rear only, two part numbers. BE52593

I asked cause I was getting a warranty shock for my 4000csq, and asked about
correct numbers for my 200.


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