Bilstein ?

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Bilstein on-line catalog is not clear but
says Fronts HD is P36-0370 and SP is P36-0369.
The listing is for "with Sport Suspension" and says
Rears as B46-2065 and B46-2066.
is the listing for "exp Sport Suspension" and says
Rears as BE5-2593.
The Fronts show the same HD and SP listings.

I think these are the listings according to
Go to Audi and then "Get Models"
seems to agree except for rears and I have 2593's which aren't listed.

I will stand by my listing unless Bilstein says different.

I have Bilsteins for both my Audis so I'm not joining this GP.


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> Stock Ride Height (HD shocks)
> P36-0370    Front
> BE5-2593    Rear
> Lowered Ride Height (Sport shocks)
> P36-0369    Front
> B46-2065    Rear

Something must be mixed up here.  I have a listing for HDs of:
>bilstein rear  B46-2065
>bilstein front P36-0370

Confirmed by

I am still trying to organize a group purchase of these.  Let me know if
you want in...

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