group purchase page is up

Charles Baer charlie at
Wed Jul 10 12:16:37 EDT 2002

Sign me up for Bilstein Sports and H&R 29800 all around to fit a '91
200 Avant.

I called H&R many moons ago and they confirmed that the '91 wagon
uses the same springs as the sedan ( assuming the warm body at the
other end of the line was correct ).

On my '91 sedan about a year and a half ago, the front dropped only
1"  but the rear did achieve their quoted 1.4" drop.  I used Konis
in that setup so less extra lift like the Bilsteins tend to have.


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> To track interest, I started a page:
> I'd like to make this a 1-2 week turnaround, so please hop on
> quickly if
> you want in.  For now, I'd rather keep this to the models
> listed so that
> there is less confusion.

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