Wiring Bundle Repair

Mike Veglia msvphoto at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 10 12:30:18 EDT 2002

In a message dated 7/10/02 Peer Oliver Schmidt writes:

> Well, there is another solution, which, I think, is going to be used in
the future.
> Use a digital bus within your car. Anything up from 2 wires will be
sufficient. All
> you need is some brains within the door to accept the keys pressed. The
brain will
> route it to the central system, which in turn, will send information back
> distribute it around the car where needed. If I only could solder ..;-(

These systems are already making their way into cars. Truly it is a step in
the right direction--minimizing the bundle size will help. However, you
still must deliver 12VDC with adequate current capacity to things like
motors, amplifier power to audio speakers, etc. so the loom doesn't get
eliminated completely. Also, think about the troubleshooting nightmare these
systems could become if a shorted data line brings the whole system down
(like from a drenched control module inside the door). Good for those of us
with mechanical skills combined with electronic troubleshooting capabilities
though, I guess. The real solution is to eliminate as much electrical stuff
as possible from doors (but when you move the stuff, don't be stupid and put
banks of switches under cup holders like a certain Swedish automaker did). I
could see getting it down to three or four wires total though--which would
be great!

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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