Why Audi?

Ben Gibby jordad at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 10 15:51:55 EDT 2002

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As I sit here and gather prices for the repairs my car needs; I think to my=
self, With all the little problems we have to fix all the time on our cars,=
 problems we would not have with some other brands, why do Audi people so p=
assionatly stick to this marque and rarely stray? We deal with questionable=
 engineering in some areas and just plain over engineering in others. Jappo=
 junk has little to no problems with wiring, engine controls etc yet I pers=
onally will never own another japanese car, ever. American cars are, well l=
ifeless and drab. Other German cars are more reliable yet I don't want one.
  I sit at work thinking of the drive home, which road will I take today? W=
here can I avoid traffic and really push the car and myself to the limits? =
I also try to find reasons to drive into town any time I can, just to drive=
 my Audi. Am I alone in this, or, as I believe, do most of you feel this wa=
y? We may never know, it may not have an answer. Maybe we are'nt supposed t=
o know the answer. As for me, I plan to just keep on driving and enjoying t=
he hell out of my Audi.

Ben Gibby
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