steering vibration

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Wed Jul 10 17:45:38 EDT 2002

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> Looks like time to check myself. Steering vibration continues, my Bosch
> place again tells me there is nothing wrong and that there is no
> steering dampener in this car and perhaps the vibration is in the
> steering box someplace. I know it isn't wheel related. Right under your
> hands while interstate driving. Airbag has been tightened and presumably
> has no play accounting for this. The possibilities are essentially
> endless, I guess. Any suggestions to narrow the field? Do I need to
> locate the steering dampener myself? The car is perfect otherwise,
> making this a real annoyance.
> Thanks,
> Rich

When I had this happen, I had managed to flatspot all four tires - most
likely sliding sideways on a gravel road. Obviously, balancing and rotating
the tires did not solve the problem. Might be something to check for.

mike miller
helmville mt with lots of gravel roads.

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