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Wed Jul 10 21:33:04 EDT 2002

At 5:35 PM -0400 7/10/02, RGuzz wrote:
>Looks like time to check myself. Steering vibration continues, my Bosch
>place again tells me there is nothing wrong and that there is no
>steering dampener in this car and perhaps the vibration is in the
>steering box someplace. I know it isn't wheel related. Right under your
>hands while interstate driving. Airbag has been tightened and presumably
>has no play accounting for this. The possibilities are essentially
>endless, I guess. Any suggestions to narrow the field? Do I need to
>locate the steering dampener myself? The car is perfect otherwise,
>making this a real annoyance.

If there's no steering damper, then it's been removed (and if not,
your Bosch place is apparently clueless about special aspects of the
'91 200q.) A bad damper may not be the cause of your problem, but
look for it right above the right (passenger side) of the steering
rack--bolted to the assembly that anchors the inner tie rod ends; the
damper extends from there out to the inner fender wall. Fairly easy
to see if your looking for it. I replaced mine when it started
leaking fluid (at about 110K miles). Replacement unit is under $20
(with an aftermarket VW part) from Rod at TPC. The main symptom of a
bad (or missing) damper is a tendency for the car to wander (the
"tramline" effect) due to being pulled by slight longitudinal ruts or
grooves worn in the roadway.

There is also an adjustment bolt at the top of steering gear (see
Bentley). That should be *carefully* snugged up to eliminate a
clunking that can be felt/heard when making quick movements of the
steering wheel. That could be your problem--if it's come very loose.
Must be careful not to overtighten this.

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