200q20v Insurance payoff

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Thu Jul 11 05:48:33 EDT 2002

> I went through almost the same experience with my Avant.
> USAA.  They non-renewed me the next time around.
> I'm with Safeco now.  Are there any insurance companies
> that don't play this game as hard as these two?

Amica Mutual Insurance Company....

I've always been treated fairly... been paid promptly... and
never even thought that they would non-renew me.  Most of my
claims have been small and in the case of my only accident it
wasn't my fault ( altough the "target" also had Amica ). The
first car my family insured with them was a Ford Model T.

Not to bore you, but I got after my Dad about 10 years ago for
not having replacement value insurance on the house.  He didn't
say anything about it but called Amica to change his coverage.
They told him to just wait 2 months and change it at renewal
time.  Before that happened a pipe broke and destroyed all the
hardwood floors in our house.  Amica actually paid the full
replacement value because they admitted that they had suggested
that he wait.

That having been said... Amica is what's known as a select risk
mutual insurance company so they don't insure everything and
everyone.  For example, I get a great rate on my cars and home
but when I went to insure my motorcycle a few years back the
rate was about 1200 instead of the 200 I got from Progressive.
They don't like to insure motorcycles... but they don't mind
telling you either. If you're a DWI graduate or regular scoflaw
motorist they may tell you to hit the road too.... depending
upon the laws in the state where they do business.

Royal aka 20RoT

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