Compression in cooling

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First thing to check is the cap.  I blew up a relatively new expansion tank
because the cap wouldn't release the pressure like it was supposed to.  If
that's not the case, then I'd suspect head gasket leak.  Check for
oil/coolant contaminattion.  Best way to check for coolant contaminiation in
oil is in the morning before starting up car.  Check oil cap for what looks
like a Wendy's frosty underneath (coolant + oil mix).

Hopefully, it's just the cap.

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> Anyone ever run into or had any BTDT with compression in the cooling
> I just took my first long trip in the 20v, and had a less than good time
> during the last 10% of the trip.  Somehow exessive pressure is building in
> the cooling system which first blew the cap off the overflow tank, then
> the radiator end cap, finally blew the end off of the electric coolant
> The source of the pressure appears to be compression.
> Has anyone out there experianced this?  Is it generally a blown head
> or is head cracking common?
> As always, any help greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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