Why Can't I sell my 200 20V?

Bayviewtom at cs.com Bayviewtom at cs.com
Fri Jul 12 02:36:23 EDT 2002

Dear friends,

I knew from the get go that this was strictly a niche car, but I am having a
real tough time selling my car. I have had it on e-bay three times, albeit
the first two I was unable to get pics to accompany my ad. Third time around,
I was able to find a web host that finally got my pics online.

So far I've gotten 600 hits on my page, yet not a single bid. I've answered
e-mails, all saying they are "waiting to see what happens" with the bidding.
Well, nothing is happening, and there's just three days to go.

If you could, go on e-bay, read my ad, and tell me if there is something
wrong with it. My reserve price is $6,500 BTW. Any input/advice would be
really appreciated.


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