RE '90 V8 Turbogas fit '91 200q?

Dan Hamren dan at
Thu Jul 11 15:53:25 EDT 2002

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      Part Description: Front Strut Inserts, TurboGas Brand Name: Sachs Boge (OE)
            Part Number
            32402F  Qty
            2  List Price
            $ 123.60  YOUR Price
            $ 57.20  Total
            $ 114.40
            YOU Save $ 132.80  (53.72%)

      Part Description: Rear Shocks, TurboGas Brand Name: Sachs Boge (OE)
            Part Number
            32115F  Qty
            2  List Price
            $ 211.00  YOUR Price
            $ 88.40  Total
            $ 176.80
            YOU Save $ 245.20  (58.10%)

If this does not come out    Front part number 32402F  rear 32115F   $114.40 for the front pair $176.80 for the rear pair.
this is for the BOGE turbogas on my V8  did the job 2 months ago...

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