Oh ye of little faith (including me)...

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Jul 12 14:23:12 EDT 2002

...probably thought you'd +never+ see the day that Audi of America
would issue a real, honest to Gosch RECALL NOTIFICATION!!!

Mine arrived today: "Safety Recall LM", which descibes the "problem"
of the amplified Bose rear speakers and announces a program of
replacement with "new amplifiers for the rear speaker assemblies."

"Please contact the service department of your authorized Audi dealer
and schedule an appointment...The necessary work will take
approximately one hour...yadda, yadda...at no cost to you."

Oh yes, and AoA goes on to say the following:

"Please write us at the address below, if you have incurred "out of
pocket" expenses for a rear speaker amplifier replacement...for
possible reimbursement."



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