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Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Fri Jul 12 16:52:29 EDT 2002

Where in NY were you Brett?  If it was near New Paltz / Woodstock, it
wouldn't surprise me too much.  There are a lot of Audi fans around there.


On Fri, 12 Jul 2002, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> So I'm in Smalltown-USA New York, enjoying the nice evening on the
> hotel porch while waiting for my client to pick me up for dinner.
> Two high school aged kids are riding around on their bikes in the
> mostly empty strip of parking in the center of the main drag in town,
> and one of them takes note of(at first I thought) my wheels, swinging
> by the side of the car and studying it closely.  I think nothing more
> of it; he's probably just looking at the rims.
> ...until I hear:
> "Dude.  That's a '91"
> Whaaaaa!?!!?!
> That catches my attention, and I notice the other kid's reaction when
> he sees the plates("200q20v").  I realize the kid who swung by the
> car wasn't checking out the rims...he was looking for UFOs.
>    I'm in farm country, where everything either has a bowtie or a blue
> oval on the grille, driving one a maybe-1,500-of-its-kind German
> car...and two highschool kids know EXACTLY what it is?  Wild :-)
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