how do the front speakers come out?

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Sat Jul 13 00:46:00 EDT 2002

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4 inch speakers "will" fit in there but it's a pain. I've done it before in
one of my previous 20V's. Now I'm on my third 20V and I tried fitting the s=
type of speakers again but unfI ended up damaging them. I need to buy some =
4 inchers and this time I will take the dash cover off when I do this (not =
hard). Depth wise you might have some problems especially on the right hand
side since there are some wires going around there but you can move them out
of the way. It's really a lot easier to do with the dash cover removed. The
wood trim does not have to come off. There are holes to acces the allen scr=
Anyways, point is that they will fit and if you need some detailed info on =
to remove the dash cover just e-mail me and I'll be happy to help you.


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I got it. The grilles just pry up. Good tip - the vent does NOT pry
up, only the mesh part.
Looks like 3.5" speakers in there. What are the chances I can shoehorn
a 4"? I have a nice pair of oddball JBL GTI 4" components (all in one
frame though) that I'd like to use.
On the rear speakers, I may try just bypassing the amps first and seeing
how they sound.
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