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I had one of my 20V's shipped once. It was from Texas to Maryland. And I had a
Cabriolet shipped over from Florida too. I used Able Auto Transport because
they have cheap reates and it made it affordable. They don't have thier own
trucks, they're brokers. This one company they got for me to ship the 20V
damaged the car. The driver of the truck lowered the cars on the top and
crunched the roof of my car. Eventually they paid for it but it wasn't easy.
The second time I used them I had to wait for like 3 weeks only to be switched
to another company and then wait another week or so to actually receive the
car. So, if you want to go cheap go with them but make sure the car is insured
first for peace of mind. If you want to check them out the website is[1]

Dan B.
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have been lurking on the list for awhile now and just agreed to buy a
20v avant in san francisco. the only problem is the my schedule does
not permit me to drive it back to ny at this time. does anyone have
any experience w/ car shippers and have any recommendations? TIA
jim catterson
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