Radiator Replacement

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at attbi.com
Sat Jul 13 18:26:23 EDT 2002

20020v Crew,

As you are no doubt aware the plastic radiators on our cars usually have
a problem as they get old where the upper radiator hose outlet gets
fragile and snaps off (over tightening the radiator hose clamp can make
this occur as well).  Mine chose this record weekend  (100+ degrees) to
head south.  I'm currently riding around with several gallons of water
in milk jugs and I reload whenever necessary.


When I was thinking about upgrading my intercooler, one of the problems
was the auxiliary radiator, which is in the way.  Has anyone added a
larger volume radiator in the existing spot (thicker?) so as to
eliminate the need to the aux rad and therefore have more room for a
larger IC?  Costs?


On CJM's excellent 200 website,  George Sidman mentioned he repaced his
broken radiator with a an all new metal one from Modine.   Has anyone
else gone this route?  Does anyone have a part # and contact information
for Modine?   Costs?

Looking forward to some rousing input on an issue that likely,
eventually, effect all of us.

Greg J

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