Thank the Audi Gods!!

Joseph VanZeipel vanz9646 at
Fri Jul 12 16:43:17 EDT 2002

Well, I sent my 200q to the mechanic because I just couldn't find out
what was causing the annoying vibration.  Turns out it was a blown valve
cover, allowing oil to seep into (mainly) #5 cylinder and caused it to
not spark very well.  I tell him "great" and all is well.

Until I get a call today, the timing belt was NEVER CHANGED!!  I bought
the car at 101k under the assumption that all service was up to date,
but now at 122k, he calls to tell me that the timing belt has more
cracks than a nudist convention!!  He said that he can guarantee that it
is the original timing belt and it was 32k over due for a change.  I
went to take a look and I can't believe it held together!

I feel like buying a lotto ticket or something.

Joseph Vanzeipel
200q20v 122k, original timing belt

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