why is my car hesitating?

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Mon Jul 15 02:53:53 EDT 2002

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I got an annoying situation over here. If I don't get help quick and be able
to solve this, I might have to go to some more drastic measures, like, setting
this thing on fire or something. Anyways, thing is this: my car likes to
hesitate. Besides all the obvious stuff like leaky hoses and messed up bypass
valves what could this be? The car runs ok but it just hesitates, like it
holds back or something instead of pushing forward. It's not so bad that it
makes the car shake when this happens but almost. Almost feels like it doesn't
get gas smoothly. I can get the car up to 1.7 bar almost all the time although
I've never seen 1.8 but it just feels slow. It's not chipped or anything and I
know I got the right spark plugs and I looked over all the hoses and I'm
pretty sure the bypass valve and the frequency valve is good. I don't know
about the whole, messed up distributor thing but I'm not sure it would cause
this to happen. So what do you guys think I should look for? I've been putting
this off but it's getting real anoying driving this thing. Please help me.

Thank you all in advance ( I sure hope I get some help)

Dan B.

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