Have any of you imported a car yet? I need help

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> I was wondering if any of you have experience in importing a car over from
> Europe. I need to find out exactly what is involved and what the costs are.
> Any info would be greatly appreciated. I don't know if it makes a difference
> or not but the car I am talking about is an RS2. Has anyone brought one of
> these to the states yet? Anyone know? Would it be the only one?

This is a email from a pro rally friend of mine, when I asked him about this same question for someone else.
This is his Job and hes a big audi guy so ou could ask him better if you like.
Let him know Chewy sent you.

EPA, DOT and Customs will not let you bring it in for road use unless you go
thru all the testing and modifications needed to meet emission, crash and
anti theft standards, and to go thru everything will cost you anywhere
between 15 and 25 thousand dollars. Forget about it. As the laws stand right
now, the only way you can bring a vehicle from abroad is as a race car, and
you have to prove it. But even so, you could never title it, register it, or
insure it. My suggestion is forget about it, unless you can sell it for 100
grand, it's not worth it.

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