Contacting Audi for Safety Recall LM

Craig Angus crangus at
Mon Jul 15 10:39:25 EDT 2002


Thanks to Kneale forwarding the recall letter from Audi, I contacted them
and found got a few things done on the phone.  Other owners may want to do
the same?  If so, here's the contact info:

I.  Telephone:		1-800-822-2834

				Press Option #3 for a "customer advocate"

				Have your VIN handy

Tell them you're calling to:

1. make sure you're the current registered owner of the car
2. make sure the car is eligible for the LM safety recall (which consists
   of replacing the rear speaker amplifiers, apparently not the speakers).
3. while you're at it you should check to see if there are any safety recalls
   outstanding (the all have two-letter designations)

The gentleman I spoke with was amazed I had heard about the recall as Audi
dealers have not yet been notified and won't be for another couple of weeks
(according to him).  I also found out that the "KF" recall had not been
completed on my car which consists of replacing the air bag sensor module.
Audi will not mail out any notices for previous recalls and won't mail you
anything as an "updated" owner on the LM recall.  If you are in the central
computer as the owner, the dealer will be able to see all the recalls you're
eligible for and happily fix them, right?

Anyway, thanks for your help Kneale and I hope this helps someone else out

Craig in Colorado

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