Radiator Replacement

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Mon Jul 15 16:04:59 EDT 2002

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> A new radiator was $260 here in Europe, not that bad, I
> think..

Well, I would have been happy if my damage had been limited to the radiator.
I pulled the top end down this weekend... head gasket blown severely between
the cylinder and coolant ports on #2 and #3.  I guess that explains the major
pressure in the cooling system...  On the plus side, I'll be able to perform
a bunch of maintenance that is much simpler with the head off.  I'm replacing
the motor mounts, all coolant hoses, t-stat, timing belt and WP, all vacuum
hoses, a distributor with a metal gear, plugs, exhaust manifold studs, RS2 EM
(!), hybrid turbo (!!), updated head gasket, and a (I know, idiots only)
Raceware stud kit.  Radiator and overflow tank go without saying.  Should
finish up in the next day or two.  I think I'll be good for awhile after all

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