bypass valve

Joshua C smuckycat at
Mon Jul 15 19:48:59 EDT 2002

I have a forge valve in my 200 and for the past 6 months I haven't had a
problem after going through 2 plastic factory valves in a year.  They are
easy to take apart and clean.  Mine makes a cool noise as well when you
shift under boost, adds to the excitement.
I payed 100$ used for the valve and a gauge but I think they usually run
120$ or so, I think euro-car has them.  I bought it off a kid who had it on
his VW 1.8t so as far as I can asert they would be interchangeable with an
a4.  I had to use a high strength nylon wire tie on the manifold line (the
skinny one on top) because you can't  get a hose clamp that I could find on
Also when you are puting it in a little armor all on the inner hose ends
help get it together.

Joshua Cummings

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