Recommended place to purchase injectors?

Dave Haupt quattrodave at
Mon Jul 15 22:40:55 EDT 2002

1989 200TQ 10V Sedan.

A few thousand miles ago, a mechanic did a compression
test.  I don't recall the exact numbers, but from
cylinder to cylinder the variation was slight - 10 PSI
or so.  Overall, the PSI was low, but this is the low
compression engine, so no surprise there.

The engine has been running "lumpy".  The mechanic had
cleaned the injectors, and it was better for a while,
but the "lumpy" is back.  I've had four other CIS
injected Audi engines, and the result of cleaning
injectors when they're this old (146k miles) is that
things are better for a brief period, then the
symptoms return.

So - I checked w/Blau on their price, and it is
dramatically higher than I paid a dealer only 3 years
ago for new injectors for my 1987 4k CSQ.

Do injectors just cost what they do, or is there some
secret-handshake place where they're still $25?


Santa Rosa, CA

1989 200TQ Sedan, Lago Blue, 146k miles, $1.20 per
mile and counting
1991 RX-7, failed tranmission, selling as parts car
1988 Trek 8500 aluminum, Deore XT, daily driver

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