Bose speaker recall notice

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Tue Jul 16 10:39:19 EDT 2002

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> Mine came in today's mail too.  I'm betting my local dealer won't have
> repair parts for weeks.  My notice says it applies to 1991
> and later 100,
> 200 and V8 models with the BOSE radio.  I'm wondering about
> our '90 V8 with
> the Delta radio.  I thought the speakers in both systems were
> the same.

The letter I received yesterday explicitly names 91 and 92 MY cars, so
I guess that's why my friend was told yesterday that his '93 V8 had no
such recall listed.  In case you haven't received the notice and were
wondering about your non-200q20v Bose, it seems that only 91 & 92 are
part of the campaign.

I just looked in my coworkers trunk and externally the speakers look
exactly like my '90 V8 and my '91 200.  It's possible that only two
years got 12V caps, I was going to try to find the NHTSA # that somebody
posted and see if the bureaucrats managed to miss the other years in the


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