Lifter noise - when is it time to do something?

Edward J Kellock ekellock at
Wed Jul 17 00:31:12 EDT 2002

I'm in a similar situation.  '89 200q mc2 with excessive lifter
noise.  It probably won't be traumatic, just annoying.
Sometimes on a cold start the lifter noise is accompanied
by rough running, like one cylinder firing weakly.  With
a few revs, both lifter noise and rough running go away.

Anywho...  I've just recently found out that new lifters cost
about 10-12 bux a piece and I recall reading that replacement
isn't to terribly awful.

I think the final death knell for mine was the Q-club event at
2nd creek on Memorial Day w/e.  I waled on it pretty good,
just short of abuse.  Lifters have been noticeably more
vocal every since.  Oh well.  I don't think that having to do
the lifters at 146k is all that troubling.  And if I can live with
the noise, I don't really have to do them, not right away anyhow.

Ultimately the lifters can fail and the valves won't open when
they should and I'm sure that can't be too fun.

Colorado Springs

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002 21:34:19 -0700 (PDT) Dave Haupt
<quattrodave at> writes:
> 1989 200 TQ Sedan, 10V, 145k miles or so....
> It's been making lifter noise for quite a while.  The
> longer it's gone without being started, the longer it
> makes lifter noise.  Tonight, having not been driven
> for about two weeks, it made noise for two miles, then
> the car was stopped for bathing, then two miles home -
> lifter noise the whole time.
> Would I be doing damage if I continued to ignore it?
> And, if I choose to do something about it, must I
> replace all ten, or is there a way to
> deterministically know which "one" to change?  And,
> from the BTDT department, how much time does this
> take?  How much should a mechanic charge?  Do I need
> to deal with it?
> TIA!
> Dave
> Santa Rosa, CA
> 1989 200TQ 10V Sedan, Lago Blue, $1.20 per mile and
> counting
> 1991 RX-7, modified, failed transmission, selling as
> parts car
> 1988 Trek 8500 aluminum, Deore XT, daily driver
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