Radiator Neck Repair: "Where has this info been until now?"

Dave Haupt quattrodave at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 17 10:29:04 EDT 2002

Regarding the repair kit from the dealer - I'm
flabbergasted.  When my upper hose fitting broke off,
I spoke to not one, but THREE dealers.  I asked them
about repairing it, and they said there was no way,
this was the common failure, and offered to sell me a
new radiator for notably more than I could get it
elsewhere.  I guess the dealers are not always aware
of all those service bulletins, or maybe they don't
bother searching.

FWIW, when my 200 broke the rad, I just put in a new
one.  Ordered an "all metal" from Modine, and got,
instead, one with plastic and metal.  Not being able
to keep the car off the road any longer, I put it in.

That was because I'd "fixed" two before in my 4000 and
5000.  In both cases, I used a plastic insert, and
some epoxy to hold it in place, similar to how it
sounds as if this kit works.  In both cases, less than
6 months later, and the plastic tank itself broke
around the repaired hose fitting.

Quite possibly, the fabrication of the later radiator
is different, and someone has determined that
repairing the broken fitting is now a reliable repair.

Keep us posted!

Santa Rosa, CA

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