The 2079 Tool

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Jul 17 17:05:15 EDT 2002

I bought the 2079 tool for dealing with crankshaft bolt tensioning and
vibration damper reinstallation (V8) when the Zelenda engine tools group
purchase occurred.  I planned to use it when I undertook the tortuous 4kq
waterpump/timing belt job the other day.  Couldn't visualize its being of
any value on that car because of all the body work in front of the
engine.  But in looking thru the Bentley regarding its use with the 4K, I
saw a photo of something fastened to the outboard end of the tool where
there's what looks like a huge torx drive hole cut into the
handle.  Anybody know what's supposed to fit into that odd hole to accept
(I presume) a torque wrench.

I ended up taking the bolt off with a 2-ft-long 1/2" drive breaker bar and
about a 12" extension poking thru the grille + most of my 215 lbs bouncing
on the end.  To reinstall,  I added about 30 inches of water pipe to the
breaker bar and all but stood on it.

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