how do you get the damn doors off?

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Wed Jul 17 17:41:14 EDT 2002

4mm Allen head in the front armrests, don't know if they're different in
the back.


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Subject: how do you get the damn doors off?

I'm trying to remove the rear door panels and I know there are some kind
of screws inside the armrest, but what are they?  They aren't phillips
head, they aren't hex (though they look that way) and I doubt they are

Any ideas?  Thanks.

Also, if anyone has managed to fit 4" speakers in the dash without major
surgery let me know.  I have a nice set of JBLs but I would need to whip
out the Dremel.  4" MB Quarts are on ebay for $65 and I bet they would
drop right in, but I'm not positive.

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