Bose recall

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at
Thu Jul 18 00:38:16 EDT 2002

    I also wrote Audi and the NHTSA about our potential  mobile
incendiary devices (didn't quite use those words) and received no reply
from either.  Looks like our actions finally paid off .. good work 200
group ... and thanks to Chris, Brett, Phil and others who inspired us to
stay on target and act!   I also just got my notice (3rd owner) and
local Minneapolis Audi dealer (Carousel) was not aware of the recall
yet, but have my appointment for replacement next week. :-)

Kneale Brownson wrote

>I'm not the original owner of my 200q20v and I received the
>notice.  However, I've been the owner for several years AND I wrote to Audi
>of America a year or so ago expressing concern about the potential for
>burning Boses.  I've had no contact with Audi or the dealer regarding this
>car otherwise.  One other point, I believe that in Michigan, where I
>reside, registering a car with the state for licenses results in the state
>notifying the manufacturer of ownership changes.

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