damn doors are off

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Thu Jul 18 09:04:30 EDT 2002

It's a 4.5mm allen as Taka mentioned.  Thanks for the tips.
The mechanism is maddening if you've never seen it before.  I'll try to
take pictures.

I was surprised to find there are no amps on the rear speakers - the
amps must be buried somewhere.  I find the Bentley for this car is very
inadequate, at least for the wagon (everything is sedan-centric).

I've removed the front and rear speakers.  I plan to replace the fronts
and rear mids with coaxes and leave the rear tweeters unplugged and in
place.  I'm hoping that MB Quart will drop in.  They are pretty
reasonably priced on ebay, so I may go that route, but I will check with
a local MBQ dealer first.

Now, two more questions -

1) where's the easiest place to steal keyed power to turn on the radio?
Ignition switch?
2) Suggestions for running new speaker wires to the rear doors?  I'm
thinking down the floor towards the ECU/hood release, then under the
door sill, up the B pillar and into the accordion boot.

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